Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I didn't really realize that it has been a full week since my last post, and unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on your point of view) I won't be making anymore posts for at least 30 days. We had a wonderfully refreshing evening at our weekly prayer service at church and God really convicted my heart and lead me to decide that I needed to make a few changes in my life for a while. Sooooo, to make a very long story short, I will not be on here, Facebook or any other time-consuming internet location nor will I be watching TV for the next 30 days. You could call it a fast if you want - although I will be checking my email, but other than that, I'm done for at least a month. I need to be spending that valuable time on things more important and precious to me, and that is first and foremost my relationship with Christ. So friends, adios! for now. I'll definitely let you know how this whole fasting experience ends up, but in the meantime say a prayer for me if you think about it. Pray that God would do some transformation in my heart as I try to give up some of the distractions that have kept me from pursuing Him with more abandon and more passion. Thanks :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sorry about bombarding you with the whole 2-blogs-in-one-day thing, but I just had to share this moment before its imprint left my heart.

Tonight after our mid-week prayer service was over and most people had left, I walked back into the sanctuary to find my husband and tell him I was heading home. I found him talking to an 8 year old girl from our children's ministry & her mom in the front pew. As I got closer and sat down 2 rows behind them (trying not to make too much noise as to disturb them), I heard them discussing this little girls desire to be baptized.

First of all, that right there brings joy to my heart because this little girl was making the biggest, most important decision she will EVER make in her entire life. I'm getting a little teary-eyed even now, just like I do whenever I witness someone actually getting baptized, because I know the blessing it is to follow Christ and serve Him with your life. I pray that this little girl, although she thinks she understands and probably does understand (at least to the best of her ability right now) what it will mean to follow Christ, will come to know this overwhelming joy more fully as she grows up.

This moment blessed me in a second way because she asked Brett to be the one to baptize her. What an honor! As many of you know, Brett was the full-time children's minister at the church for a year and half in addition to being an intern and working with the young kids before that. When moments like this happen, it seems to validate all the things that he has been helping teach them and it shows that he is producing fruit in his ministry. I am so honored, as I know Brett is, that this little girl (along with 3 or 4 other kids before her) asked him to be the one to participate in this important day!

Finally, just to hear the way Brett spoke to her made me smile. His voice was so gentle and loving. His words expressed how proud he was of her for making such and important decision. He told her the truth, ever so tenderly, about how this was going to change her life forever.

I just had to share how blessed I was to witness this conversation and how proud I am of my husband for making such an impact on these little lives. It makes me excited for the future and our hopes of raising children to love Christ and follow Him with everything they have!

Virtual Tour

I mentioned in an earlier post that Brett and I, along with our good friend Michael recently moved out of our on-campus, married student housing apartment, to a more centrally located apartment complex in Omaha. I am grateful that we made this decision and I have enjoyed it immensely. Not only have I enjoyed meeting our neighbors, but I have enjoyed decorating our new space! Our old apartment was great, don't get me wrong, but there is something about this one that just feels more like home. So, about a month ago I hardcore cleaned this place and took all these pictures to show the world (with the exception of two photos I took this morning).
Only now am I actually posting them :)

As you look through these pictures, you will note a couple of things:
1. The Christmas decorations are up. Like I said, I took these at the beginning on January, but have since taken them down. It does make the pictures more festive though, huh?
2. If you have been to our place recently, you know that our living room has been rearranged. I don't have pictures up of the new arrangement because that would require some picking up and I don't want to do that. HA! So, that just means if you want to see it, you'll have to come visit!
3. There are no window treatments anywhere. I have had intentions of getting curtains for some of the rooms since, oh, November. You'll just have to use your imagination for now :)

Entry (Kitchen on the left)

(directly on right as you walk in the front door - across from kitchen)

Kitchen - View 1

Kitchen - View 2
*NOTE* Several people who have come over have asked me about the pictures in the frame below - They are close up, detailed photos of some spices from my spice rack, printed off & put in a fun frame. Boom. Instant art.

View of Kitchen from Dining Room

Dining Room

Living Room - View 1 (from dining room)


Living Room - View 2/Dining Room

My Favorite Wall (with a few empty frames & a few pictures MIA)
Living room to the left & bathroom directly to the right of this picture

Bathroom - View 1 (Also, taken this morning)
*Paintings inspired by a Wal-mart set ($90) ...painted by yours truly ($20)

Bathroom - View 2

Hallway (picture taken from bathroom door)
Our bedroom door is on the left - Michael's room (which leads into Office/Den/Bonus Room) in middle - Smallest linen closet
EVER on far right

Our Bedroom - View 1 (Taken this morning)
*Calla Lilly Photos above bed = recent addition (Thanks Wal-mart!)

Bedroom - View 2

Michael's Room - Leading into Office/Den/Bonus Room

Office/Den/Bonus Room - View 1

Office/Den/Bonus Room - View 2


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New job, new outlook ...oh, and a new mail organizing system

New Job - Yesterday I started a new position at the Open Door Mission as Administrative Support Staff at our Timberlake Outreach Center. Sounds impressive? Good..but fancy titles like that will fool ya :) It's exciting because I am being challenged to step up and take on more leadership responsibility and once again, step out of my comfort zone. Since I got hired in July, I have been working in the volunteer department, helping facilitate and direct all the volunteers that come through the Mission. Now, while still working with volunteers, I get to work with a group of workers from a program called Employment First, get trained to do some community case management, and possibly teach some bible & life skill classes. All in all, it's an exciting opportunity that God plopped directly in my lap and I'm sure there will be many lessons learned through this new job. I'll keep ya posted...

New Outlook- Since, oh probably mid-January or so, I have made a commitment to being healthier. Call it a New Year's resolution if you like, but more than anything I just want to get back to a point where I'm exercising on a regular basis, making smart food choices and just feeling good about myself. So, my friend Corine and I signed up to do a bootcamp 2 days a week at the YMCA and I have been trying (<--Key word right there) to stick to a 1,300-1,400 calorie daily food regimen. First of all, bootcamp kicks my butt. One, because it's at 5:30 in the morning. Two, because it's just plain hard. And besides the motivation to just live healthier, I'm in FOUR weddings this summer and want to feel good wearing all those dresses! Down 8 lbs. so far, and looking for more!

New mail organizing system - I picked up some old records at work the other day thinking that it could be a cute way to decorate in our music room/office. I went online hoping to find some inspiration, and voila!, I found this really cute idea for organizing mail, bills, papers etc., so unfortunately I can't take credit for it, but I hope it will help me stay sane amongst all the papers!