Friday, February 25, 2011


I was watching my 8 week old son sleep soundly this morning (one of the most heartwarming and precious moments a mother can have in my opinion) and couldn't help but think back to the evening that we found out we were pregnant with him. We were planning on having some friends over for the evening, so my friend Anna and I ran to Wal-mart to pick up a few things. I told her that I was a couple of days late for my period and said I was going to pick up a pregnancy test just for fun :)

Now, pause and back track to a few months earlier....Brett and I had taken a trip to Mexico to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. It was such a nice getaway and I believe we were truly able to reconnect and rediscover that we had truly married our best friend in the entire world! (It was hard to believe that even after a year, we found ourselves needing that connection again) Anyway, while we were on this trip, Brett and I talked a lot about the past - what we loved, what wish we could do over - and about the future - what we wished and hoped for. As we were talking about our future together, we kept talking about a family and how we wanted kids so badly. Now, as Christians we knew in our heads that we needed to give God control of our lives in every sense of the word, and it wasn't until this trip that we realized that also included our family plans. We decided that when we got back home, I would go off birth control and we would let God take over and decide the timing of us having our first child. That was in August...

Now, fast forward again to that evening in May. I had purchased a pregnancy test and now I'm standing in our bathroom, pregnancy test in hand, waiting for the results. Let me tell you, that was the longest 3 minutes of my life!! Mind you, we have some of best friends over out in the living room playing cards and one might ponder why in the world I would take a pregnancy test while in the middle of entertaining. Well, I would answer that when you have been waiting in anticipation for several months and your monthly visitor fails to show up, it's hard to be patient! Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the screen on the little blue and white stick displayed the word "pregnant" and I couldn't help but cry. I tried to collect myself enough to open the door and summon Brett to come and join me in the bathroom, and once he was there I burst out in tears again as I showed him the results.

We hugged and kissed and cried together for probably a couple minutes before we realized that we had left our house guests alone in our living room to fend for themselves. By this time I'm sure they had caught on to the fact that something out of the ordinary was happening (after all, Brett and I don't normally escape to the bathroom together while we have friends over), but we emerged from the bathroom together and tried to act as though everything was completely normal.

We continued to play cards and all the while, I sat next to my husband, the soon to be father of our baby, and tried to mask the huge smile that was tempting to burst onto my face. Finally, after a few minutes I decided to send the picture I had taken on my phone of the positive pregnancy test to Anna and her then fiance, Jared who were sitting across the table from us. As soon as their phones went off, I no longer worried about hiding the excitement that was bubbling within me and as they screamed with joy at the news, we knew this was going to be an incredible adventure.

God is good and I am so thankful that He gave us the opportunity to be parents. It had been a growing desire of my heart to be a mother for so long and now that I am here, living in the middle of it, I can't express enough how wonderful it is! So, there is a reminiscence of one of the most exciting days of our lives thus far. I hope we get to experience that joy over and over as we welcome more children into our family.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm a bad blogger...

Wow. To say I am a bit tardy in updating this thing called a blog is quite an understatement if I've ever heard one. Last I posted, we were excited to announce the impending arrival of our first child - today, that child, Jonathan Alan Ricley, is here and will be 8 weeks old in t-minus approximately 17 hours! He is the most precious gift we have ever been given and since he's come into our lives, I finally feel like I have found exactly what I was meant to do - be a mother. As much as I would love to ramble on and on about how different life is with a new baby around and how wonderfully difficult it can all be at times, I'll save some of that for another post. After all, I'll need something to talk about if I'm going to be more consistent with this thing... :)

In other exciting news, Brett has also found exactly what he is supposed to do in life...well, at least for this season of life! We have been on a journey with God, basically since the moment we said "I do", that has been full of twists and turns and often times been confusing and downright difficult. Although it was all those things and more, it has now brought us to this place where we feel like we are directly in the middle of God's will for our lives, and we are excited for the ministry He has placed before us! As of a February 12th of this year, Brett is a Campus Ministry Recruit with Impact Campus Ministries. We are currently just beginning the process of being trained and prepared to go and do ministry in Salt Lake City, Utah on their college campuses. While we are anxious to get out there and begin this new phase of our lives, we will still be in Omaha for as long as it takes for us to raise the support we need to live and do ministry out there.

If you want to keep up with that aspect of our lives and the journey God is taking us on in respect to Brett's ministry, his blog will be more geared toward those events (Brett's blog) This blog, on the other hand, will deal more with my journey as a wife and mother and the everyday happenings in my life. While the two are intertwined, we thought it would be easier to separate the two and thus not overwhelm anyone who might read these with mile long posts each day... You're welcome :)

So, for now I think that's all. My little guy is sleeping and some might say I have taken advantage of it - updating my blog, folding some laundry and watching the episode of the Bachelor that I missed Monday night! Now, I hope I have not spent this time unwisely as I attempt to go get some sleep myself and cross my fingers that Jonathan stays sleeping as well.

Until then...