Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lots of Thoughts.

So, I've done a lot of thinking this past week. Like most of you, this week has conjured up thoughts of Jesus and His miraculous birth, and the incomprehensible decision for Him to come to earth for sinner's sake. These things humble me, baffle me and overwhelm me with thankfulness for what this holiday really represents. Like many of you, this week has also caused me to look forward, with anticipation, to a new year and be hopeful for the change, growth and new opportunities that it will bring (which for me includes keeping up on this blog on any sort of consistent basis!) Now, unlike most of you, there is one more significant life event that this week holds in store for our family that has given my mind so much to chew on lately - my son's birthday.

Yes, it is so hard for me to believe even as I sit here typing it but, Jonathan turns 1 year old tomorrow! At 4:42 pm tomorrow, I will officially be the mother of a one year old little boy, and as I stroll through the memories that occupy my mind, my heart swells with so many emotions. Thankfulness, because God (for some reason still unknown to me) decided to bless me with one of the sweetest, most loving, most handsome, incredibly intelligent babies I have ever met. Pride, because I know that someday this child will grow up to do so many great things, and I will be able to proudly boast to others that he is "mine". Blessed beyond measure, because I have been able to experience something that I know many women will go their entire lives wishing they could experience. Anticipation, for what the future holds just barely out of reach, things yet to be discovered about our son. Humbled, that God trusted me and Brett enough to take care of this little life that He so carefully and thoughtfully created.

So, on this, the eve of the anniversary of our entrance into parenthood, I sit in awe of the 9 lb. 7.5 oz. present he brought us on December 30th, 2010. This gift, we named Jonathan Alan Ricley, and I will forever be grateful to God for choosing me to be his mommy.