Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

So, here I am again - back in blogger world! If you didn't notice (which I'm sure most, if not all of you did, right?) my 1 month "fast" from all things social networking turned into 2, and if I'm going to be perfectly honest, it was tough. I will admit that I did log on and check up on people/statuses/situations from time to time and did watch a few TV shows/movies. Despite that, I believe that through these 2 months my goal and purpose of doing this "fast" was accomplished. I have found myself spending less time on the computer and in front of the TV and more time being quiet and still before God. More than anything, I got into a routine where my priorities are more in line with what I believe God wants from me. This is going to be a continuous journey where I have to remind myself of where I should be spending my time and energy, but spending these 2 months completely away was a good start.

With all that said, here are a couple pictures from my time away.

1. I finally got curtains put up in the dining room! It's amazing how something so simple and easy makes such a difference.

2. The flowers on the table above (& the closer shot below) are from Brett's mom Linnea as a birthday/Easter gift. I turned 23 on March 18th and one of my favorite gift was these flowers! Pretty, huh?

3. Happy (belated) Easter! This is me and my handsome husband on Easter morning. We had a wonderful morning of worship with our church family and then got to spend some great time with my family in the afternoon. What's better is that reason that we got to celebrate - because Jesus Christ is risen!

4. Brett and I attending our very last Nebraska Christian College Spring Formal. Brett is graduating May 8th and it's crazy to think that our college days (collectively) are very close to being over. I posted 2 pictures from that night - the first is (obviously) of me and Brett and the second is of us with some of our best friends - (from left to right) Anna and Jared, us, Michael and Leah. Love them!

That's all for now :) But no worries, I'll be back soon! We've got some exciting events happening in the near future, so I'll have plenty of things to blog about and share :)