Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Made It. Finally.

Well, it's been a little over a week since we arrived at our new home in Salt Lake City. To say that this process has been a roller coaster of emotion would a complete understatement. Over the past few weeks  (not to mention the past year and a half), I have felt incredible excitement as we look toward the future and a new adventure in our life together, incredible anxiety as we tried to figure out all the practical details of moving almost 1,000 from our home, and incredible heartache as we anticipated leaving so many friends and family behind in the Midwest.

Now that we are here, I have felt incredible peace.

Yes, that's right. Peace.

Of all the emotions I thought I would feel this first week (fear, sadness, stress, loneliness, etc.), peace was probably the last one I was expecting to feel, especially in such great measure. But leave it to God to just completely overwhelm me with this sense of contentment as we start this new phase of our lives. He has a way of knowing just what I need. That's neat.

Sure, there have been moments where I miss my family and wonder how I'm going to handle our first Thanksgiving and first Christmas away from them. I'm human. And yes, there have been moments of stress as I try to figure out something as simple as where to find a new couch for our living room. Especially one that fits in our budget. Beh. But for the past 10 days, time and time again, I have found rest in the arms of my Heavenly Father. I find comfort and rest in the One who brought us to this place and has provided everything we needed to get here, and therefore I continue to trust and believe that He will provide as we make this place our new home.

So for all those who have been curious as to how we're doing, we are settling into our apartment, slowly but surely. The laundry is slowly getting caught up, the dishes are gradually finding their way into the cupboards (very...gradually..) and pictures are, one at a time, finding their home on the previously blank white walls. Yes, this place is slowly becoming our home. And visitors are welcome :)

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